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Show your love for the planet by getting a truly healthy kitten from a cattery that does things naturally!

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NEWS:Gemma has been featured in the May 2011 Cat Fancy Magazine Siberian Cat article on pg 28. Thank you, Helmi Flick for the photo and submission!

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Image of Golden Siberian Cat at Pendraig.
 Helmi Flick

Gabriel and Pendraig Otto
True Love For Life

 Siberian Cat Breeder and Family Cattery in Texas - Welcome to Pendraig


- Dedicated to bringing you the healthiest Siberian kittens around because we believe in True Love For Life.

TICA and CFA Registered Siberian Kittens.  All of our kittens come with paid registration papers in TICA or CFA and the option for the other set.  All Pet kittens are spayed & neutered prior to placement, are sold by contract and must be picked up or delivered face to face.  We offer the best health guarantee out there up to 12 years.

TICA & CFA Registered Siberian Kittens for Sale From Our Family to Yours!

Page Updated 03/01/2014 - News: Gabriel will finally get to continue his Junior Exhibitor "career" with his beloved girl Star (Pendraig Lone Star SunFire). Check for updates, videos, brags, photos and more on our Siberian Cat Blog.

When we say we raise our kittens as part of our family we aren't kidding. They are part of our family and because of this you're kitten is sure to be an active, friendly and confident member of your household.

Absolutely stunning solid blue Siberian Cat Julia from CICA cattery.  She is a traditional Siberian with amazing type, correct and glorious coat and a winning personality.  See her at TICA and soon CFA shows and she will have her own kittens in Summer 2008.
Gabriel Campbell & Pendraig Red Sonja SunFire
Photo by Dawn Campbell  2008

To achieve this all of our kittens are raised as part of the family and exposed to family life and situations. 

Helping is our son, Gabriel.  He has a special love of animals and is always interested in what the cats and dogs are doing. He even had a best friend in one of my first kittens, Sonja!   Sonja is our matriarch and the founding female of our line.  It is through her that our most beloved SunFire foundation line has come and continues to this day with Ellie, Emrys and Star (2014).

 Sadly for us Sonja passed away in 2011 from a unusual cancer and complication from her emergency spay in 2006.  She  passed suddenly and left us devastated... especially Gabriel. He is an amazing person though and somehow reconciled himself with my assertion that she is in kitty heaven with Jesus and she watches over him always, that his namesake Arch Angel Gabriel takes care of her and helps her visit. And he remembers her every day. This is what I wrote when she was alive.

'She plays with him and is quite gentle and loving. There is nothing more beautiful than hearing his delightful giggles and seeing the smile that lights up his face as he interacts with "his kitties". He even meows at the cats, and at us, on occasion

One of my favorite photos is Gabriel pushing his toy drum around the living room and putting blocks, and other toys on top of Sonja as she happily rests inside the drum. They do this every day and Sonja does everything she can to get his attention so that he comes and plays.' Rest in Peace beloved girl and thank you for your progeny in our SunFire line that keeps a part of you with us always.

As you can see we are cat lovers, through and through and devoted to our animals. Sonja left a legacy behind her and we are proud to bring you, our clients her exclusive foundation line SunFire and kittens known for their joy of life, human adoration and vibrant colors as brilliant as their souls inside those luxurious coats. And though we have achieved great things with this line we never stop reaching for greater goals as we work with our other lines of Siberian kittens and carefully select potential breeding cats not only for superior type or for show wins for ourselves but primarily for their health and suitability as family pets.  Each cat must pass our rigorous standards for physical and emotional/mental health. Shy and skittish cats are removed from the program and placed in appropriate and skilled pet homes.  Cats that do not pass the health screening are similarly placed, though thankfully that has been an extremely rare occurance.

We don't just breed for ourselves, for show wins or kitten sales.  Our focus isn't a narcissitic need to have top wins and rosettes on our walls, though I admit it would be a grand bonus. We breed to better the breed, to make bring joy to the families that get our cats and to make our lives more fulfilled. Our kittens are also raised around our giant breed dogs Gus & Connor and the mixed breed rescue Chachi. Our kittens love dogs and play with them, sleep on them, and sometimes torment them. It's another great experience they grow up with an imprint of family life with children and dogs.

We take pride not only in the superior health and beauty of our cats but in their affectionate and engaging personalities. Our kitten buyers agree that Pendraig Siberians are true love for life! Read Pendraig Siberian Kitten Owner Testimonials.

Siberian kittens in a Rainbow of Colors!

Image of patched tabby siberian forest cat.
Photo by Helmi Flick

We have always had a wide variety of colors available but we specialize in red (orange tabby Siberian Cats) and torbie*/ tortie* (Calico Siberian Cats). We are one of the only catteries producing self reds and creams (aka Red Solids and Cream Solids). One of our goals is to continue producing the very rare red/cream solids but they are extremely rare for a reason.

Currently we are taking a break from silvers and smokes but we hope in 2014 to welcome it back as we have our golden line established.

We are proud to be one of the few catteries consistently producing lovely red males and the sometimes rare red females. Our magnificent red classic King Quantocius is producing incredibe type, size and loving kittens for our red program. Paired with the SunFire line golden torbie Sibeal he is making stunning cats that are joining catteries all over the world and will soon be hitting the show halls. Sibeal brought back the SunFire legacy continuing the red but adding the new facet of golden to the SunFire color scheme. And we have brown tabbies from FeLine and Star, Sibeal's niece out of La'Shawn Amavi giving that wild forest cat look that makes the Siberian so alluring. We have our golden line moving forward with Emrys out of Sibeal and Rhys (Rhys from our first golden litter) and golden carrier La'Shawn Amavi (aka Tiger) completing our male court. We are bringing in a new golden queen to augment the golden program in 2014.  We have unusual steely grey female Nyneave carrying on a rare foundation line found in only a couple of catteries in the world and while we will be retiring her young her daughter Isolde will stay with us to carry that line forward and we look forward to trying that steely grey with a silver stud cat for what we suspect will be quite beautiful silvers.

See some great Photos of the Rainbow of Siberian Cat Colors at Pendraig!

The Pendraig Golden Siberian Cat Program

Image of golden siberian kitten at Pendraig Siberians.
Golden Siberian Kitten
Photo by Dawn Campbell  2011

We launched our golden Siberian cat program with Esenia Auric. She came directly from Russia and was our first experience importing cats from Europe.  Since then we have focused primarily on buying the best traditional breeding cats from top catteries in Europe with strong traditional Siberian cat programs.

 Through her we have her grandson Emrys. This boy carries our foundation golden line combined with our premier foundation SunFire line. He represents the first decade of our cattery and Siberian cat breeding program and carries us into the next decade.

The big, beautiful, and glowing golden classic torbie Ellie brings big boy Q's lines (her father) into our SunFire lines and carries us a second cat forward into golden. We are bringing in new blood to augment our golden lines and help us achieve what few have - healthy, top quality, beautiful type Siberian cats without inbreeding.

We have long admired this unique, and very rare, coloring and it is now our good fortune to have such amazing cats to work with.

Our golden kittens are not only beautiful. They are affectionate and always ready and wanting to cuddle. Our goldens are people pleasers and want nothing more than to be part of your every activity, warming your lap, playing fetch and greeting you at the door. They have golden hearts as well as golden glittery fur.

Breeding Siberian Kittens with a Healthy and Wide Gene Pool!

We breed only for true Siberians. We test our breeding cats for devastating diseases known in the breed and buy our breeding cats from breeders who do the same. We raise and breed our traditional line Siberian cats and carry on the work of other such dedicated traditional breeders. We strive to produce cats worthy to be considered authentic and traditional Siberian cats.

We pride ourselves on basing our cattery on the careful combination of established, well used, top quality and multi-champion lines with rare foundation lines to secure a wide gene pool and to not have to rely on inbreeding in our cattery. We can then give back to the breeding community these refreshed lines and new genes. We are proud to have our breeding cats in Norway and Nova Scotia and soon if it goes well in more countries in 2014.

We specialize in Russian Imports of distinction and focus heavily on type, health, longevity and loving personalities. We have our own exclusive foundation line, directly imported from Russia, that cannot be found except here and catteries we have sold this precious line into.   This line is denoted by the surname SunFire. We also have a rare Astera line and a rare newer foundation line through Turandot-Amour Fialka that is also directly from Russia and can be found only in select catteries spread around the world.

Our cattery's base line is SunFire is carried forward now in 2014 to blend with these other exclusive lines and with tried and true multi-champion lines to create something totally unique to Pendraig Siberians and a legacy we can leave after we are long gone.

Image of golden torbie Siberian cat Sibeal
AspenCreek Sibeal SunFire of Pendraig
The SunFire line is back
Photo by Dawn Campbell  2011


To ensure the future of our original Pendraig line cats we are screening for HCM, PKD, FIV, and FeLV making sure our breeding cats have received healthy and clear reports. We will be testing each and every adult (over 1 years old) that we breed for HCM to help insure you the healthiest cats possible. The health of our kittens is paramount! Expect the very best.... get a Pendraig Siberian Cat!

Breeding for the True and Authentic Siberian Cat!

Image of traditional Siberian cat classic torbie and white.
Pendraig Kira Zoranovna SunFire
Photo by Dawn Campbell  2010

Pendraig is devoted to preserving and protecting this very rare breed through careful breeding practices, natural rearing, and gene diversity in our lines. Our foundation lines are exclusive in the breed and unrelated to any other Siberian cats being shown or bred. Our lines are truly rare and especially important to the future of this incredible breed.

We are proud to be the stewards of these lines and we continue to search out other rare and unused lines to combine with popular, and multi-champion established lines to bring you the best of both words. A healthy, vibrant, and genetically viable line of cats with the type and beauty you expect of a Pendraig Siberian Cat.

We participated in an exchange program with our dear friend and fellow breeder of (N)Siberikos cattery in Norway bringing the amazing, darling and gorgeous (N)Siberikos FeLine of Pendraig to the United States and sending off our girl out of Gemma, Pendraig Nimue Emrys of (N)Siberikos. We look forward to many years of friendship and cooperation with this and other catteries dedicated to preserving the Siberian cat. Our Pendraig Vivi went to Wigvollcasting Cattery in Norway and Signy to Gaspereau in Nova Scotia. We are honored to help build this breed worldwide.

We absolutely believe in securing a wide and diverse gene pool to keep our rare breed as healthy as possible. We limit line-breeding and inbreeding practices within our own cattery. To us breeding is not a hobby, it is a passionate and lifelong endeavor that requires careful and consistent studying, research and care. We do not believe in shaping the breed to fit our personal taste, nor to manipulate show wins, but we do believe in holding true to the Siberian Forest Cat's roots.


image of red classic siberian cat at pendraig siberians
Pendraig Quantocius

Photo by Helmi Flick  2011

When you buy a Pendraig Siberian Cat you are getting integrity in breeding. We believe in the true and authentic Siberian Cat and we know you will too!

Watch Siberian Cats on Animal Planet's Cats 101

*For a definition of colors please visit: TICA's Color Guide

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